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Wood Siding Installation & Repair in Baltimore 

As timeless as nature itself, wood siding is the top choice of many homeowners in the Baltimore area. Whether you have a Victorian, Cape Cod, or contemporary house, you can create a beautiful exterior with warmth, durability, and surprisingly low maintenance. Real wood siding installed by professionals will be ready to weather the ages beautifully.

At Park Heights Roofing, our experts in wood siding know how to install wood shake and shingles as well as clapboard. We’re more than just the best roofers in Baltimore—we’re also your home roofing and exterior remodeling team for wood siding!

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Benefits of Wood Siding

We install a variety of siding options, such as stucco siding and vinyl siding, but many of our customers prefer the look and performance of real wood siding in Baltimore. Here’s why:

  • Classic appeal. Wood siding in Baltimore appeals to virtually all tastes and suits any architectural style.
  • Simple maintenance. A little regular cleaning and a fresh stain every few years can keep wood healthy and attractive for decades or more.
  • Unique texture and patterns. Natural variations of grain and texture and the ability to choose a custom paint or stain color make wood siding the most visually appealing choice.
  • Eco-friendly siding. While many siding materials are recycled or recyclable, wood siding can be considered renewable and compostable.
  • Weather-resistant. Wood siding can hold up to strong winds and inclement weather. Some species, such as cedar, are more rot-resistant than others.
  • Lasts a lifetime. Trees live for centuries. With routine care, wood siding in Baltimore will be there for generations.

Quality Installation of Wood Siding in Baltimore

Wood siding installs quite easily, but a sub-par installation can lead to expensive damage and premature replacement. Park Heights Roofing applies a premium moisture barrier underneath to keep mold and mildew out. The wood shingles or boards must be expertly nailed to prevent cracking and to ensure the wood siding is secure and weather-resistant.

If you want to replace vinyl or fiber cement siding, we can install wood siding for a long-lasting upgrade. For wood siding replacement, we can help you find the best materials for the Baltimore climate and install it perfectly so it will last longer than the previous siding.

Baltimore Wood Siding Repair & Shingle Replacement

Easy replacement of a wood shake or shingle makes it even simpler to keep wood siding looking great for years. If a piece of wood has rotted or been eaten up by insects, Park Heights Roofing will find a suitable replacement and patch things up seamlessly.

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