Slate Roofing in Towson, MD

Slate roofs are increasingly becoming more popular in Towson, Maryland as area builders and homeowners choose slate for new constructions and renovations. They are present in almost every neighborhood throughout Maryland. That is because a slate roof is a wise investment with many well-established reasons that support the decision.

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Slate Roofing: Where Did it Come From?

Slate roofs have been around since around 1300 A.D. when they were used to complete some of Europe’s most beautiful castles. However, it wasn’t until the 1800’s when quarrying processes improved. This made it possible for Spanish builders to use them for residential and commercial structures across Europe.

Slate roofs began to appear in the US in the late 1600’s. The cost and difficulty in quarrying meant that few structures had slate roofs until the later part of the 1800’s. By then, Vermont producers improved the efficiency of quarrying techniques.

Combined with the growth of the transportation network across the country, this made it possible for the production of large numbers of slate roofs. As a testament of their quality, many of these roofs are just now entering a state of repair where they need to be replaced.

Slate Roofs: Perfect for Victorian & Edwardian Restorations

Slate roofs are beautiful additions to the many Victorian and Edwardian homes located around Towson. Many of these older homes are currently undergoing restorations, including the installation of new slate roofing. These slate roofs add considerable value to these properties while providing a reliable and fireproof layer of protection over the interior of the home. The reliability and reputation of slate as a durable and stable building material can also help to lower the homeowner’s insurance premiums on these older properties. This makes slate an investment that pays financial dividends long after installation is complete.

Our Slate Roof Services

In Towson, you can count on Park Heights Roofing for slate roof installation services. Given its durability, it makes for a great investment no matter what type of home you live it. Wind, rain, thunder, and hail can put a real damper on your day. Slate roofs help protect the things you love by serving as a sturdy barrier between your family and the elements. Season after season, you will enjoy comfort and calm during the heaviest of storms.

We also offer slate roof repair services. The Baltimore Metro area goes through its fair share of extreme weather, and although slate roofs are durable and can stand up to storms, sometimes repair is inevitable. Contact us today if your slate roof:

  • Has visible damage to slate shingles such as cracks or splits
  • Has deteriorated flashing, leaving fragile sections of the roof exposed

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