Slate Roofing in Pikesville, MD

Slate roofs are a beautiful addition to homes, businesses, and offices in Pikesville. They are a stylish and environmentally friendly roofing choice that provides reliable protection against the elements for decades to come.

Stylish Slate Roof Styles

Slate roofs can be designed in a wide variety of styles. These include the standard American which uses uniform length and width. Or, you can use the staggered butt which uses mixed lengths and random widths. There is also the ragged butt which utilizes mixed length tiles of either random or uniform shaped tiles. The variety of layouts coupled with the choice of tile allows you to create a unique roof that is guaranteed to accentuate the exterior of the property.

Slate Roof Maintenance

Contrary to urban myths, slate roofs are not maintenance free. As with all roofing materials, there are regular maintenance tasks that homeowners need to perform to ensure the long-term viability of the roof. Fortunately, these tasks are simple and easy to perform.

Maintenance tasks include checking the slate for cracks and separation. Large hail, high winds, and damage from flying debris can crack slate so this should be investigated after heavy storms blow through the Pikesville area. Similarly, stainless steel, copper, or tin flashings should be inspected for signs of wear and tear. Damaged flashings should be repaired or replaced as necessary.

Bad nails are a common cause of roof failure. Copper or hot-dipped galvanized nails should last a century or longer on a well-maintained roof. However, each nail is different and if water penetrates and leaks around the nail, it can lead to wood rot and loose tiles. Homeowners should regularly inspect attic spaces for signs of water penetration as it can indicate nail failures.

Preparing for the Weight of a Slate Roof

Slate is heavy and it is not uncommon for a slate roof in Pikesville to weigh between 800 to 1,500 pounds per roof square, or 100 square feet. By comparison, asphalt shingles covering the same area would weigh about 240 pounds. This is a significant difference and it highlights the importance of properly preparing and bracing the roof to bear the load.

Rafters must be sufficiently thick, typically 2×4 or 2×5, and properly spaced to carry the weight. The slope of the roof must also be checked to ensure that water, snow, and ice will roll off properly. The steeper the better, and sometimes this means altering a roof line so that it has the proper slope which is often steeper than that used with asphalt shingles.

Our Slate Roof Services in Pikesville

Slate Roof Installation

Slate roofs are installed differently compared to other roofing materials, and part of this is due to the fact that they do not expand or contract. They are installed using a method of overlapping and each shingle is nailed into the roof supports. When they are not installed correctly, slate roofs may leak easily, causing damage to your home.

Slate Roof Repair

Strong storms and severe winds can do damage, and even a properly installed slate roof is susceptible to harm. It’s important to carefully inspect your roof after a nasty storm to make sure you won’t need repairs. Generally, there are two main reasons a Pikesville area homeowner should contact a roofer for slate roof repair services:

  • There is visible damage to slate shingles such as cracks or splits
  • The roof’s flashing has deteriorated, leaving fragile sections of the roof exposed

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Choosing a Slate Roof Contractor

Installing a slate roof requires specialized skills and training. Before you hire a roofing contractor in Pikesville, you want to make sure that you are hiring the right contractor for the job. In addition to checking references and reputation via sites including Angie’s List and Yelp, you want to discuss the specifics of your roof with a contractor during an on-site inspection.

You will want to discuss how the slate will be secured, the types of slate to choose from, and whether the roof needs to be reinforced prior to installation. You will want to discuss the procedures and the steps that will go into the process of completing the roof. Finally, you will want to receive a detailed quote that itemizes preparation costs, material costs, labor expenses, etc.

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