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You can choose from many different roofing materials, but once people get a close look at the natural beauty of a slate roof, they often forget about the rest of the options. Slate looks wonderful on almost any style of house and will last for many years making it a sound investment for your Catonsville home.

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The Benefits of Slate Roofing

Slate is one of the strongest and most durable roofing materials available. In addition to its naturally beautiful appearance, it is extremely durable and can last many years without the need for repairs. It is very low maintenance and is able to withstand high winds and strong rains.

Another benefit is that the slate will not expand or contract. This allows the shingles to remain firmly in place without shifting or allowing fissures to form that could lead to leaks.

Slate Roof Installation in Catonsville

Because slate does not contract or expand with extreme temperatures, they must be installed differently than other types of materials. The installation method used involves overlapping each shingle in such a way that it can be directly nailed to the roofing supports. If this exact installation is not followed, your roof may leak or become damaged.

If you are interested in learning more about the installation process that must be used with slate shingles, call and talk to the professionals at Park Heights Roofing. They can explain the process so that you understand how your roof will be installed and what types of maintenance it will need as the years pass by. Call us today to get the answers you’re looking for as well as a FREE estimate.

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Slate Roof Repairs

The professionals at Park Heights Roofing not only install slate roofs, but are also able to make any necessary repairs if your roof is damaged in any way. For as strong and durable as slate roofing shingles, it can be damaged if the weather is severe enough. Strong winds can break limbs off of trees and in some cases, blow trees over on to your roof. The heavy wood can crack or chip the slate shingles which can result in leaks. In addition to certain types of wind and weather damage, the flashing of your roof could begin to deteriorate over time. This can also lead to leaks and other issues.

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If you are interested in learning how slate compares to other types of roofing materials, call the professional staff of Park Heights Roofing today. They will answer your questions and make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

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