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Slate Roof Inspection in Baltimore

Slate Roof Inspectors in the Baltimore Metro Area

Many of the oldest roofs in the Baltimore area are slate roofs. Slate is the most durable roofing element on the market, needs little to no maintenance, and keeps it’s classic look and beauty for decades longer than any other traditional roofing material.  Slate roofing is virtually impenetrable and therefore a standout in longevity, and it’s ability to withstand just about anything Mother Nature dishes out.

Many homeowners today invest in slate materials for their roofs.  New and replacement roofs using slate roofing materials are highly desired.  Although a slate roof can be a costly investment, your return on that investment is substantial.  Slate has superior insulating properties and is extremely environmentally kind, leaving a minimal carbon footprint, from production to installation.  Slate’s long life means less need for replacement, resulting in less waste taking up space in landfills.

Typically, slate weathers most inclement weather well, and comes through without any problems.  However, every once in awhile your slate roof may need to be inspected for damage.  The occasional crack or chip can result in the need for repairs.  Broken or damaged flashing is also a concern, as it can result in leaks, causing problems both inside and outside your home.

Why Inspect My Slate Roof?

If you’re buying a home with a slate roof, or if you haven’t inspected your current roof in awhile, it’s time to schedule a slate roofing inspection in Baltimore.  Roof inspections are beneficial to homeowners in so many ways.  Because you likely don’t go up on your roof, you don’t notice any changes to your roof’s shingles, tiles, or flashing.  Finding and correcting these problems before they get out of control can save plenty of money.

Due to the expense of a slate roof, it’s imperative to find a qualified and trustworthy professional when scheduling a slate roofing inspection in Baltimore.  Park Heights Roofing, Inc provides a knowledgeable assessment of your slate roof.  What’s more, as the area’s top slate roofing expert, Park Heights Roofing, Inc, can provide you with an estimate in the event you need repairs to your slate roof.

Superior Slate Roofing Contractor

Many historic homes in Maryland, and neighboring states have slate roofs.  In order to preserve the authentic nature of these homes, it’s essential to secure a trusted roofing contractor, someone who is qualified and respects the historic value of slate roofing.  That’s why, for slate roofing inspection in Baltimore, as well as installation, repair, and replacement, homeowners trust Park Heights Roofing, Inc.

For over a decade, homeowners have turned to the experts at Park Heights Roofing, Inc.  From scheduling your slate roofing inspection in Baltimore, to the completion of any home improvement service we provide, Park Heights professional contractors don’t settle for customer satisfaction, we strive for excellence.

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At the core of every Park Heights slate roofing inspection in Baltimore, or any of our other services, we’re dedicated to a job well done.  Contact us today and find out why your neighbors voted Park Heights Roofing, Inc the best in Baltimore.