Stucco Siding Contractor in Baltimore

Stucco siding gives your home an air of old world beauty and coastal charm, a perfect style for the Baltimore area. For stucco installation to be done right, your contractor needs to know about old world artisanship. At Park Heights Roofing, we can install beautiful and durable stucco siding to a new or existing home to give it a Mediterranean yet modern look.

If you are interested in exterior remodeling or need to replace your current stucco with a fresh coat, Park Heights Roofing has your professional stucco experts right here in Baltimore. Contact us today or call (410) 358-1257 to schedule an estimate for stucco installation services.

Expert Stucco Siding Installation in Baltimore

Stucco siding can be used for the entire exterior of your home, or for select facades. Many Baltimore homes and businesses use stucco and stone walls to create a unique French Country or Italian architectural design. Park Heights Roofing can help you achieve the ideal style, color, and texture that you want from your stucco siding.

We work carefully to install multiple layers of stucco siding for the proper strength and stability. First, we remove any existing siding as necessary and prep the area with a “scratch coat” that acts as a base layer. A second coating creates a strong body of stucco siding, and a third coat finishes the siding with your preference of smooth or rough texture.

As a home exterior contractor, Park Heights Roofing knows how to ensure that your stucco siding works in concert with all insulation, roofing, gutters, and the rest of the building envelope. The result is that our stucco siding installations are best suited to handle Maryland weather and last for many more years than you might expect.

Stucco Repair and Re-Stucco Services

We can help if you have cracked or crumbling stucco or another kind of siding that you wish to replace. Old stucco must be removed carefully to avoid damage to the home and to prep the surface to accept the new stucco firmly. Park Heights Roofing can take care of this process quickly and cleanly so your new stucco siding can be finished within a matter of days.

Why Choose Park Heights Roofing for Stucco Siding?

You might not expect to hire a roofing company for stucco siding, but the truth is that Park Heights Roofing has an expansive team of craftsmen and experts at all kinds of siding and roofing. The common thread is that we know how to install beautiful and protective home exteriors.

Stucco siding installation by our team comes with the same great customer service and commitment to quality that earned us the title of Baltimore’s Best Roofer by Baltimore Magazine as well as a top 5% contractor according to Angie’s List.

Get an Estimate for Stucco Siding Installation in Baltimore

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