Fiber Cement Siding Cotractor in Baltimore

No matter what you’re looking for in new siding, fiber cement probably checks all the boxes. It’s resilient against mother nature and father time, and it resembles wood or stone more naturally than other man-made materials. With proper installation by Park Heights Roofing and a nominal amount of maintenance, fiber cement siding can last a lifetime.

Fiber cement requires more expertise and careful handling during installation than other kinds of siding, so you need a trusted contractor. Park Heights Roofing has the specialized tools and expertise to install fiber cement siding in Baltimore. Make this the last siding you ever need to install!

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What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Like the name implies, fiber cement siding is composed largely of Portland cement. Mixed with wood fiber and sand, the result is like a flexible concrete. It comes in clapboards, shingles, and shake-style cuts.

Aesthetically, fiber cement siding can look uncannily like weathered wood, with a more detailed and authentic grain texture compared to vinyl products. Fiber cement siding comes in popular colors with wood or earth tones. For more personalization, it’s great to note that you can paint fiber siding (and you should occasionally).

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Here in Baltimore, fiber cement siding has only been in common use since the 1980s but has been used around the world for a century. You can replace wood, vinyl, or other siding with cement boards, or use it to cover up brick or stone that’s in poor condition.

People love fiber cement siding in Baltimore for many reasons:

  • Natural wood grain textures
  • Extremely durable
  • Resilient to moisture and weather changes
  • Uninviting to insects and birds
  • Highly flame-proof
  • Known to last 25+ years or longer

Fiber cement siding has few disadvantages. It costs more than vinyl but less than many wood products. Installation is the most difficult part, so choose an installer who works with fiber cement siding regularly and can ensure your structure can support the heavy weight of the cement.

Fiber Cement Siding Installers in Baltimore

Park Heights Roofing can deliver all those great benefits from your new fiber cement siding. Installation requires specific types of nails, hardware, seam tapes, and caulking. You’ll want a crew of experienced siding installers handling the project to make sure attention is paid to those details, and to handle the heavy boards—this is far from a DIY or handyman job.

Park Heights Roofing is your award-winning contractor for exterior remodeling projects like fiber cement siding. We serve the Baltimore area with installation, repair, and board replacement, always with a commitment to excellent customer service and fine craftsmanship.

Ask Us About Fiber Cement Siding

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