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Roof Replacement in Randallstown, MD

What could be more important than the roof over your head? In Randallstown, MD, you can get honest advice for a roof replacement from Park Heights Roofing. We’ll let you know whether to repair or replace the roof, and our team can install a new roof to last your home for years to come.

Park Heights Roofing has consistently been named among the best roof replacement companies in Baltimore County. Our Randallstown roofers provide friendly customer service and professional installation whether you want a traditional asphalt shingle roof or an alternative such as tile or slate roofing.

Request a roof assessment online or call (410) 358-1257 to talk to the experts at Park Heights Roofing about roof replacement in Randallstown, MD.

When to Replace a Roof in Randallstown?

The lifespan of a roof varies by material as well as factors including how well it was installed and whether major storms have left damage. In Randallstown, roof replacement should be expected at least every 20 years for asphalt shingles.

Isolated problems like a few missing shingles or minor water damage due to missing flashing can often be addressed by our roofing repair team. Older roofs and those with widespread damage can be more affordable to fix with our complete roof replacement service in Randallstown.

Our Options for Randallstown Roof Replacement

The top considerations for Randallstown homeowners thinking about a roof replacement include cost, aesthetics, longevity, weather-resistance, and upkeep. Park Heights Roofing can install your preferred roofing material by well-trained professionals.

We use the proper techniques and fasteners to ensure that your Randallstown roof replacement will be the last one you need for a long time!

We replace roofs in Randallstown with all the popular options:

Inherently, wood and slate have natural beauty that can’t be beat. Ceramic tile roofs also have warmth and charm, while a residential asphalt roof can look perfect on the home architecture found in Randallstown.

Ask us about options that will last decades or longer, including lifetime roofing in Randallstown!

Roof Replacement in Randallstown

Not sure if you need a new roof? Park Heights Roofing can inspect the roof and attic to look for mold, mildew, rust, loose sheathing, missing tiles, and other issues. Then, we’ll let you know if your Randallstown home needs roof repair or replacement.

For your new roof installation, rest assured that we are CertainTeed ShingleMaster certified for a variety of their asphalt and synthetic slate roofing products, and highly experienced at the old-world trades of replacing a wood roof.

Contact Us for Roof Replacement in Randallstown, MD

Get your next roof installed by Baltimore’s Top Roofer, Park Heights Roofing!

Call today at (410) 358-1257 to request an estimate or contact us online with any questions about roof replacement in Randallstown, MD.


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