Roof Leak Detection in Baltimore


Roof Leak Detection Services in the Baltimore Metro Area

With an ample stock of old homes, roof leaks are common in the Baltimore area.  You may notice the tell-tale signs of a roof leak-stains on your ceiling, puckering of your dry-wall or plaster-after a particularly torrential thunderstorm, or as winter’s frozen precipitation begins to melt.  Or, you might find some water damage in your attic the next time you go up there.  However it happens, you need to contact a professional roofer at the very first sign of a leak, before you sustain further damage.

Park Heights Roofing is the most trusted name in roofing in the Baltimore area.  Selected by Baltimore Magazine as the Best Roofer in Baltimore, Park Heights experienced professional roofers have one goal-your complete satisfaction with a job well done.  Park Heights Roofing has been providing roof leak detection in Baltimore since 2001.  If you suspect a leak, contact Park Heights Roofing.

Roof Leaks Can Cause Serious Damage

An unattended roof leak can cause significant, and costly damage to your home.  From water-damaged joists, to soggy insulation, to the need to replace those puckered walls, the damage caused by roof leaks can wreak havoc on your budget.  That’s why roof leak detection in Baltimore is critical.  You may not see the signs before the damage has taken place.

Signs of Roof Leak

Of course, some signs, such as missing shingles, or water stains, are obvious.  Other not-so-obvious signs can help with your roof leak detection in Baltimore.  They are:

  • Buckling or Curling Shingles – Anytime your shingles aren’t uniformly flat on your roof,  something has disturbed them.  Buckling and curling are signs your roof materials have been moved, by storms, winds, or ‘critters’, and water is getting into your shingles.  If the leak hasn’t already caused interior damage, it soon will.
  • Water Stains in Attic or Ceiling – When you’re inspecting for roof leak detection in Baltimore, closely examine your attic.  Look for water spots or dampness, especially along support beams and near vents.  Check your insulation for water and look for ice or trails left by ice dams.  The attic is typically the first area affected by a leak.
  • Obvious Roof Materials Being Shed – If you notice your eaves trough is filled with a granulated sediment, it may be that your shingles are degrading.  Likewise, if you see flashing, or roofing materials, like shingles themselves, you need to contact Park Heights Roofing for an inspection and roof leak detection in Baltimore.
  • Water or Dripping – The roof area around skylights, fireplaces and vents are shored up by flashing.  It’s not unusual for the flashing to move in heavy winds, or rain, or to sustain ice damage.  The smallest gap in your flashing could be allowing water to get in and cause drips. If you find it’s raining inside, as well as outside, contact Park Heights Roofing immediately.

Schedule Roof Leak Repair Today

Roof leaks can cause a lot of damage, but finding them early can prevent most major repair work.  Contact Park Heights Roofing for roof leak detection in Baltimore and get the peace of mind you need.