Metal Roofing in Towson, MD

Durability, energy efficiency, and good looks: a metal roof has everything you want for your home in Towson. The area’s Federalist and Cape Cod homes look sharp with a standing seam metal roof, and there are even more colors and options for metal roofing in Towson.

Park Heights Roofing installs and repairs metal roofs in Towson, MD with a team of well-trained, certified pros who know how to deliver the performance and longevity that you want. We offer metal panel roofing as well as metal shake and tile options from CertainTeed.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing in Towson

Why do many homeowners invest in metal roofing? Towson homes with asphalt shingles can need re-roofing every 20 years or less, while a metal roof often lasts three times as long. And during that time, you can expect low maintenance and more benefits:

  • Long lifespan of 50 years or more
  • Energy efficiency thanks to blocking the sun’s rays
  • Eco-friendly with recycled and recyclable metal roofing available
  • Wind-resistant to withstand heavy storms in Maryland
  • Impact-resistant against hail and falling debris
  • Quieter than you might think when installed with a proper underlayment

Towson, MD Metal Roofing Options

Have you seen the wonderful metal roofing styles available these days? The classic look features standing seam metal panels, often in dark shades of blue, gray, green, or burgundy. The clean lines create an elegant metal roof over any type of architecture.

We also install a variety of textured metal roofing in Towson, such as metal shake or steel slate. Whether you want a metal replacement roof or an accent of metal roofing for a porch or dormer, Park Heights Roofing can install it impeccably for quietness, water-resistance, and solid durability.

Metal Roofing Installation in Towson, MD

Quality installation is paramount when it comes to metal roofing. You don’t want to let moisture or temperature fluctuations cause problems later. Park Heights Roofing knows how properly install a metal roof in Towson with the appropriate fasteners and underlayment.

Metal roofing can be added on top of old shingles or installed directly on decking for a new home or a metal roofing roof replacement in Towson.

Towson Metal Roofing Repair & Maintenance

If your metal roof has begun leaking or shows signs of damage, ask Park Heights Roofing for a full assessment. We can often repair discoloration or missing panels with an indistinguishable difference. In many cases, you just need some fasteners replaced to prevent more damage.

We can take care of your metal roofing repairs as well as routine maintenance once a year or so to keep your Towson home’s roof looking and performing as it should!

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