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Crawlspace Insulation in Baltimore, MD

Insulate the crawlspace and your home will enjoy better energy efficiency. Even though heat generally travels upward, you can lose a lot of energy by letting the floor go unprotected. Homes in Baltimore that have crawlspaces need to treat the area much like a basement. That means adding an appropriate barrier with insulation.

Crawlspaces need insulation if you have HVAC ducts that run through them, if you have cold floors or cold spots in the winter, or if you have higher heating and cooling costs than you think you should.

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Baltimore’s Crawlspace Insulation Experts

It takes a knowledgeable pro to insulate a crawlspace effectively. In the long term, you need the insulation to help regulate temperature while also maintaining balance in moisture levels.

For the best results, you need spray foam insulation installed by a professional. The wrong products or subpar installation quality could lead to mildew and other problems. At Park Heights Roofing, we know how to design and install solutions that are perfectly suited to your home.

There are many crawlspace insulation options for Baltimore’s homes and climate:

Benefits of Insulating a Crawlspace

Crawlspace insulation keeps you warmer in the winter, especially if you suffer from cold floors. The extra warmth will also translate into lower monthly bills, helping you recoup the cost of installation quickly.

  • Lower energy bills
  • Warm, comfy floors in winter
  • More consistent heating and air conditioning
  • Add a pleasant level of sound dampening
  • Block out more allergens and pollutants

Why Park Heights Roofing?

As the leading company for roofing and insulation in Baltimore, we provide the best expertise for crawlspace insulation. We know how to protect your home’s exterior barriers and create a comfortable, energy-efficient atmosphere indoors.

Park Heights Roofing was founded in 2001, so we can draw from a wealth of experience — and we’re always learning and advancing with new trends and technology. You want your investment in insulation to pay off in terms of both comfort and energy savings, and we know how to make it happen!

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