Copper Roofing Installation in Baltimore

Baltimore Metro Area Copper Roof Installation

Copper roofs weather the ages with astounding longevity, all while building a unique and alluring character over time. Famously used to crown some of the world’s most renowned architecture, residential copper roofing is now more available and sought-after than ever. At Park Heights Roofing, we can install durable, beautiful copper roofing by a talented team of professionals that has been named the best roofers in Baltimore.

There many elegant possibilities for copper roofing, including a full copper roof or accents of copper over awnings and dormers. The roofing itself comes in shingles, tiles, panels, and various designs.

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Pros and Cons of Copper Roofing

Love the look of copper roofing, but wonder if there are drawbacks? Copper roofs generally cost more than standard materials such as asphalt shingles, to be sure. Low maintenance and long lifespan (50+ years compared to about 20 years for asphalt) help mitigate the cost considerably.

As with any metal roof, weather-related noise can be an issue, but Park Heights Roofing knows how to install copper roofing with proper insulation.

The benefits of copper roofing help you get more than your penny’s worth:

  • Long-lasting: Copper roofs often last for centuries with relatively little upkeep.
  • Lightweight: This makes installation easier and avoids any concerns about whether the house can support the new roof.
  • Naturally mildew-resistant: Copper is added to other kinds of roofs to prevent mold and algae, so a copper roof in Baltimore can easily withstand humid, mildew-prone conditions.
  • Beauty and property value: Handsome copper roofs age like fine wine, bringing intangible beauty and a quantifiable return on investment.
  • Eco-friendly: Copper improves heating and cooling efficiency, and can be recycled and recyclable.

Baltimore Copper Roofing Installation & Repair

To protect your investment, it’s important to get copper roofing installed by Baltimore roofers who are familiar with the material. Park Heights Roofing ensures your copper roof has a proper underlayment to prevent the noisiness associated with metal roofs. We practice excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, so your copper roof will look wonderful immediately and develop a beautiful patina.

If your copper roofing needs inspection, cleaning, or repair, Park Heights Roofing can also help. From time to time, you may need the flashing tightened or parts replaced. We can prolong the lifespan and keep copper roofs in Baltimore looking beautiful.

Copper Roofing by Baltimore’s Best Roofers

For aesthetics and long-term value, there’s hardly a better choice than copper roofing. Park Heights Roofing has the skill and experience to create the one-of-a-kind copper roof you want and provide any maintenance needs that may arise.

Since 2001, our skilled work and beautiful results have helped us earn the title of Baltimore’s Best Roofer according to Baltimore Magazine.

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