Copper Roof Repair in Baltimore

Baltimore Metro Area Copper Roofing Repair Services

The unique character and patina of a copper roof can make repairs a delicate matter. Replacing a section and matching the color can be quite tricky, and any repairs must be done by skilled professionals who know how to work with copper roofing systems. In the Baltimore area, you have Park Heights Roofing for all maintenance and repairs for your copper roof.

Has your copper roofing has been damaged in a storm? Have you noticed signs of trouble, like a missing shingle or a loose seam? We’ll investigate to see if you have moisture damage or some other underlying problem, and we’ll make the necessary repairs or replacements with excellent color matching.

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Common Problems with Copper Roofing

Your copper roof should stand up to the test of time vigorously. The green patina that copper develops actually protects the metal from future damage. However, you may notice specific areas of the roof that look damaged or discolored. In some cases, the roof may not have been installed perfectly and now you have moisture damage affecting the attic.

Park Heights Roofing can help with solutions for copper roofing repair in the Baltimore area if you have such as problem as:

  • Lack of waterproofing underneath
  • Loose fasteners letting in moisture
  • Cleaning with acidic or alkaline cleaners
  • Hail damage
  • Wind damage
  • Buckled or warp spots

Repairs by Copper Roofing Experts

At Park Heights Roofing, we do more than just the typical asphalt shingle roofing. We also install and maintain copper roofs and other premium materials like slate and wood shake.

Many homes in Baltimore have copper roofing over some of the gables and dormers, with shingle or slate for the rest of the roof. Park Heights Roofing can expertly take care of all of it! Whether you need a single copper roof panel replacement or a larger roof repair after a hail storm, we’ll provide the copper roofing repairs you need:

  • Copper shingle repair
  • Copper roof panel repair
  • Standing seam roofing repair
  • Copper roof color matching
  • Waterproofing a copper roof
  • Flashing replacement
  • Lead-coated copper roof repair

Contact Park Heights Roofing in Baltimore

Since 2001, the Baltimore area has trusted our roofing contractors for excellent customer service and skilled work for all roof repairs and replacements.

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