Keep you home warm this winter with new insulation

With winter around the corner, you’ll want to prepare your home in every way possible to ensure the warmth and comfort of your family. If you find that your home seems to be losing a lot of heat – which not only makes your home less comfortable but also increases your heating bills – then you may want to take steps to reduce heat loss by installing new insulation.

Why You Should Insulate Your Home

Insulation helps to create a barrier that will keep the heat your HVAC system produces inside the home while at the same time preventing the cold winter air outside your home from leaking in. The following are just some of the other benefits of insulating your home properly:

  • Reduce your energy costs – The less heat escapes, the less heat your HVAC system has to produce, which means you’ll be paying for less energy.
  • Reduce wear and tear – When you’re losing heat, it means that your heating system has to work over time to replace that heat. The more it’s forced to work, the more likely it is that it will need repairs or that it will die before expected.
  • Improve comfort – Insulation can help reduce drafts, which means you won’t have those cold spots all around the home.
  • Reduce carbon footprint – Since insulation allows you to use less energy, it means that you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint. In other words, adding insulation benefits the environment.

There are numerous types of insulation with different R values (which is the rating used to determine the effectiveness of an insulation type) to choose from. Places to consider adding insulation include your floors and walls – but one place that really shouldn’t be left without insulation is the attic.

Adding Attic Insulation

Here at Park Heights Roofing, we provide blown-in insulation for attic spaces. Blown-in insulation tends to work more effectively than other forms of insulation in the attic space because it allows you to insulate tough to reach spots and odd angles where the roof meets the attic floor.

The following are a few reasons why you should insulate your attic:

  • Heating your attic is a waste of energy – Keep the heat your HVAC system produces in your home. Unless someone is living in the attic, allowing heat to rise up into it is a waste of energy.
  • Prevent leaks – One of the main issues when it comes to attic spaces is that if they aren’t insulated, heat will rise through the attic and through the roof. If the roof is covered with ice or snow, it will end up melting, which can cause it to leak through the roof. This can cause water damage and could also result in mold or rot.

If your home isn’t properly insulated, then you should strongly consider having it insulated before winter hits. Be sure to contact us at Park Heights Roofing in order to have your attic space properly insulated for the upcoming winter.


Landmark & Presidential Solaris Cool Roof Shingles

If you’re looking for a way to improve the energy efficiency of your Baltimore area home, whether it’s to reduce your carbon footprint or to reduce your energy costs (or both), then you may want to consider investing in a cool roof. Here at Park Heights Roofing, we carry two types of cool roof shingles manufactured by CertainTeed – Landmark Solaris cool roof shingles and Presidential Solaris cool roof shingles.

What is a Cool Roof?

Cool roofs have two main features that distinguishes them from standard roof types – they are able to reflect the visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths of the sun, which in turn helps to reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by your home, and they have a high thermal emittance, which means that they can radiate absorbed or non-reflected solar energy. The following are a few of the benefits of having a cool roof:

  • Improve indoor comfort – Since heat is reflected away from the house, a cool roof can help keep your home cool in the summers.
  • Reduce energy costs – Darker roofs tend to absorb heat during the summers, which forces air conditioning systems to work more and harder to compensate for the added heat. With a cool roof, your air conditioner won’t have to work as much, which means you’ll use less energy.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions – By reducing your energy use, you’ll help to reduce your carbon footprint. Cool roofs have shown that they help decrease the production of associated green house emissions and air pollution.

Generally, cool roofs exhibit a lighter shade of color and are even white. This is because darker colors tend to absorb more heat. However, in recent years companies such as CertainTeed have been able to produce darker colored cool roof products.

Landmark Solaris Cool Roof Shingles

Landmark Solaris shingles are solar reflective, steep slope asphalt shingles. They boast advanced roofing granules that will reflect solar energy and radiate heat substantially better than typical shingles. They are rated by the CRRC (Cool Roofing Rating Council) and are manufactured using two-piece laminated fiber glass-based construction.

Presidential Solaris Cool Roof Singles

Like Landmark Solaris shingles, Presidential Solaris shingles are also solar reflective, steep slope asphalt shingles that use advanced colored granules. The main difference between CertainTeed’s two cool roof products is that Presidential Solaris shingles are designed to look like wood shakes. This means that if you’re looking to create a charming, rustic sort of aesthetic, you won’t have to settle for actual wood shakes, which are less durable, less strong and much less solar reflective.

As you can see, cool roofing products are an excellent way to improve home comfort and reduce your energy costs. However, whereas traditionally cool roofing products were only available in lighter shades, CertainTeed offers more aesthetic options with its Landmark Solaris and Presidential Solaris shingles.

For more information about our roofing services or about our CertainTeed cool roof shingle products, be sure to contact us at Park Heights Roofing in Baltimore today.

Fall Chimney Assessment & Repair in Baltimore

You probably haven’t had much use for your fireplace over the summer, but now that summer has come and gone, the temperatures are starting to drop, which means you might get the urge to begin using your fireplace again. However, you should make sure that you have your chimney inspected before you begin using your fireplace. The chimney may have experienced damage without you having realized it – or it may be obstructed by any number of things. This could make it potentially dangerous to use your fireplace.

Professional Chimney Inspection

There are three different levels of chimney inspections available, each more comprehensive than the last. The following are the tasks a professional will perform during each inspection level:

  1. Level One Inspection – The most basic type of inspection involves the evaluation of every accessible part of the chimney, both on the interior and exterior. These parts include the flue, the damper and the masonry. The inspector will search for signs of damage or decay as well as determine if the components of your fireplace are in proper working condition. The inspector will also look for any debris or objects obstructing the chimney.
  2. Level Two Inspection – In addition to providing everything included in a Level One inspection, a Level Two inspection involves the use of close circuit cameras and other tools to perform a more thorough inspection of the chimney. Level Two inspections are usually only needed if your home has been damaged by a natural disaster, if parts of your fireplace have been replaced, if you’ve changed the fuel source of if there’s been an ongoing issue with leaks or odors.
  3. Level Three Inspection – This is the most thorough inspection available. However, it typically requires that parts of the chimney, ceilings, masonry or walls are removed to complete the inspection, making it quite invasive. It’s only recommended if the fireplace or chimney have experienced serious structural damage.

Park Heights Roofing Chimney Repairs

Here at Park Heights Roofing, we provide chimney maintenance and repairs, including repointing. Repointing is a process in which we will replace any damaged mortar with new mortar in order to provide a stronger seal at the joints. This not only helps prevent water from penetrating the cracks, but will also extend the life of your chimney.

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected since the last time you used your fireplace, then you should strongly consider having it looked at before you begin using it again – especially if your home was exposed to severe weather elements since the last time you had your chimney inspected.

If you need to schedule a professional chimney inspection and repair service for your Baltimore-area home, be sure to contact us at Park Heights Roofing today. Our professional technicians have been thoroughly trained and have the experience necessary to perform thorough chimney inspections and repairs

Schedule a Fall Roof Inspection

With the looming cold temperatures and winter weather you’ll want to make sure that your roof is in good shape. A roof that is in need of repair or replacement is going to be much more vulnerable to heavy snow and ice. Heavy snow or ice could lead to leaks and water damage – or potentially cause your roof to partially or fully collapse.

Seeing as how this is the absolute last thing that you want to have happen, you should strongly consider scheduling a roof inspection while it’s still fall. The following are some of the things that a professional roof inspector will look for:

  • They will check to make sure you have the proper ventilation.
  • They will check the interior of your home for signs of moisture and mold, which could compromise the integrity of your roof.
  • They will look for any signs of leaks from the inside.
  • They will inspect your roof’s flashing. There should be a minimum of three feet of leak barriers to help repel ice, water and snow. Damaged flashing can lead to leaks in your roof. They will specifically look for any cracked caulk or rust on the flashing.
  • They will look for signs of rot and mold on the exterior of your roof.
  • They will check the structural integrity of your roof by determining whether your roof is sagging.
  • They will check to make sure the gutters running alongside the bottom of your roof are in good condition and properly attached.
  • They will check to see if there are any granules in your gutters. This is usually a sign that your shingles are wearing down and could mean that your roof needs to be replaced.
  • They will carefully inspect the exterior of your roof to see if there are any missing shingles. They will also look for signs of damage, such as broken shingles, cracked shingles or buckled shingles. Damaged or missing shingles need to be replaced because they leave the roof exposed to potential leaks as well as further wind damage (strong winds will have an easier time getting under the other shingles and blowing them off).
  • They will inspect the chimney where it comes out of the roof for a missing or damaged chimney cap.
  • They will look for any moss or lichen that is growing on the exterior of the roof. The presence of moss or lichen is a sign that the roof underneath may be decaying.

While you can do a basic visual inspection on your own, you should leave it to a professional to get on your roof and perform a more thorough checkup.

Schedule a roof inspection this fall by contacting us at Park Heights Roofing. Our inspectors have the experience and know-how to be able to identify any problem or potential problem your roof might have. We will then make sure to recommend the proper course of action to ensure that your roof is ready for the winter season.